The Season that was at the Esperance Speedway in 2013/2014

​​2014 Australian Junior Title:

In undoubtedly the highlight of the season, seventy-six of the countries best junior sedan drivers headed down south in January earlier this year to compete for the one and only National Junior Title.

It was a fantastic weekend of racing as the youngest drivers of them all put on a clinical performance for the Esperance crowd. The weekend began with Practice and fun game of lazer tag between the drivers before hitting the clay for the first night of heats on Saturday night.

Queenslander, Brendan Learoyd took the honours after the first night, leading in points over fellow queensland counterpart, Brandon Atto but it was Michael Learoyd, yet another queensland boy who took out the title and was named Australia no.1 narrowly infront of a fast finishing Matthew Iwanow and Patrick Brennan on Sunday night.

Local Esperance driver, Gaje Price finished in 18th position over all.

Return of the 360 Sprintcars:

A whopping Twenty-three nominations for the 360 Sprintcar State Title were received by the club and what a mouth-watering display they put on for the fans. The red lights were on early as Aldo De Paioli found himself upside down on the back straight.

Hometown hero, Steven Ford had a terrific night finishing in 3rd position in the Final Feature, but it was Chris Ackland who took out the all important WA State championship finishing over Troy Anderson in a close finish.

Plenty of AMCA Action:

A fierce battle between the AMCA Nationals was seen on the 28th of December when round 3 of the Boyes Equipment AMCA Action Series got underway.

Shaun Cubbage, Sean Muzzuchelli, David Boyes, Brad Wright and Aaron Hancock led most of the night but it was Steve Hancock who came up trumps in the final, taking out round 3 over David Boyes and Brad Wright.

Street Stock 20/20 duo’s:

For just the second time in Esperance Speedway history, the annual Street Stock 20/20 (in which drivers team up in pairs and drive 20 laps each) got underway with a large field of 18 cars.

However the field of 18 began to shrink as the night went on as some early carnage unwravled with a heavy crash featuring Esperance driver Tristan Stroet and Dale Cockman wrecked both cars before the final.

In the end, Street stock heavyweights, Ray Leonard and Evan Wakefield claimed victory in the final ahead of Bob Wakefield & Peter Walker and Esperance brothers, Bronty & Zane Humphrys.

Neville Williams, WA Supermod #1:

08/03/2014, the date on which Esperance Supermod driver, Neville Williams in car 55, won the 2014 WA state championship for supermods infront of a packed crowd at the Kalgoorlie International Speedway.

So there it is, what a season. There’s still many more highlights to come this Saturday however, when the first

Family Fun Finish begins from 4pm in a Twighlight fixture that’s fun for the whole family.

Why not join us down at the Esperance Speedway where gates will open from 2pm to the public and help us celebrate what a truly magnificent season it was.

On behalf of the McD Contracting Esperance Speedway, we thank you for your support in season 2013/2014 and look forward to seeing you again in the new season.

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