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Turacchio claims feature victory in final round of season

FORMULA 500'S ROCK ESPERANCE - Turacchio back on top but Marshman pushes to overall series win in front of Esperance crowd for the final meeting of the 2017/2018 season.

Cody Turacchio has tonight finally turned his season around and claimed the feature win at Esperance Speedway in the final round of the Slims Tyre Service West Coast Series, proudly presented by Racemate Storage Solutions, but despite extra points being on the line, he didn’t quite do enough to grab the series win, though it literally came down to the final lap of the final race and a whole heap of man power!

After Saturday night’s disappointment at Kalgoorlie where racing was rained out before the feature race, teams were eager to put on a show tonight in Esperance and they certainly did right from the get go, with the opening heat declared after Aaron Fullgrabe caught fire, ending his night and seeing the win going to Turacchio.

Brent Lockwood, Chris Dymock and Travis Clark would then go on to win the other three preliminaries while Dymock would win the rejigged top nine shootout.

Chris Dymock and Brent Lockwood would share the front row for the twenty five lap feature, with Dymock grabbing the initial lead from Lockwood while Turacchio, Todd Broadwood and Brendon Marshman would settle in behind them.

Marshman would try and make the move on Broadwood but couldn’t quite get around him, the two eventually making contact with Marshman mounting the rear of Broadwood’s car and the two spinning infield, connected together.

The yellow lights came out and order was restored, with Dymock leading away the field once again. However it was short lived as Brent Lockwood hit the wall, sending out a shower of sparks, and then rolling over to bring out the red lights.

He emerged shaken but unhurt and again the race was free to get underway once more. This time the race would get into more of a rhythm, Dymock leading Turacchio and Broadwood while Beau Rogers and then Travis Clark would make some moves and pass Marshman.

As Marshman dropped back, Clark began to close the gap between himself and third placed Broadwood, while a few laps later Turacchio would also begin to close on leader Dymock. Turacchio bided his time and eventually made a pass for the lead on lap fifteen.

This would set off a chain reaction of changes that ultimately would play a huge part in the overall series points: Clark passed Broadwood for third place, Dymock retired infield with an ailing car, sending Clark into second place and then Brendon Marshman also began to slow significantly, putting his series hopes in great jeopardy.

Turacchio crossed the line in first place for the feature win, with Clark, Broadwood and Rogers following him across, but Marshman then came to a stop. Not willing to lose his series lead, Marshman then got out of his car and pushed his car across the line to record a fifth place result (ahead of lapped car Glenn Holdaway as the only other finisher).

Despite extra points being on offer, this would turn out to be a race winning move as if Marshman was unable to finish the feature he would have lost the overall series to Turacchio by twenty six points.

However, as it stands, because Marshman was classified as a finisher, he is now the winner of the Slims Tyre service West Coast Series for 2017/18, just 26.5 points ahead of Turacchio, while Brent Lockwood held on for third overall.

Overall it was a great end to the series and a huge thankyou to Esperance speedway for their hospitality.

Also a huge thankyou to all tracks, drivers, officials, crews, families, sponsors and spectators who have been on the Slims Tyre Service West Coast Series journey with us this year and here’s to doing it all again next season!

The Slims Tyre Service West Coast Series, proudly brought to you by: Racin’ Tyres and Accessories, XO Collective, EEE’s Effie’s Endless Entertainment Services, 6MS, P & J Transport, RKB Protective Coatings, Racemate Storage Solutions, Three Springs IGA, Highline Racewear, Nationwide Signs, Trophy Specialists, Torquewear Australia, Team Ando, Opal Finance and Dirt Track Nutters.

Pics Courtesy Formula 500’s WA.

Official Results:

Formula 500's West Coast Series Round 7 (FINAL)

Heat One - 6 laps: 1. Cody Turacchio, 2. Chris Dymock, 3. Glenn Holdaway, 4. Aaron Fullgrabe (5). DNF: Bill Richards (2). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.438. Fastest Lap: 14.623 Chris Dymock.

Heat Two – 8 laps: 1. Brent Lockwood, 2. Todd Broadwood, 3. Brendon Marshman, 4. Beau Rogers. DNS: Travis Clark. Total Time: 1.57.398. Winning Margin: 1.247. Fastest Lap: 14.306 Brent Lockwood.

Heat Three – 8 laps: 1. Chris Dymock, 2. Brendon Marshman, 3. Cody Turacchio, 4. Todd Broadwood, 5. Beau Rogers. Total Time: 1.54.025. Winning Margin: 5.165. Fastest Lap: 13.945 Chris Dymock.

Heat Four – 8 laps: 1. Travis Clark, 2. Brent Lockwood, 3. Glenn Holdaway. DNS: Bill Richards, Aaron Fullgrabe. Total Time: 1.58.327. Winning Margin: 0.340. Fastest Lap: 14.372 Brent Lockwood.

Feature – 25 laps: 1. Cody Turacchio, 2. Travis Clark, 3. Todd Broadwood, 4. Beau Rogers, 5. Brendon Marshman (24), 6. Glenn Holdaway (23). DNF: Chris Dymock (22), Brent Lockwood (5). DNS: Bill Richards, Aaron Fullgrabe. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 8.888. Fastest Lap: 13.977 Chris Dymock.


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