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Shepherd makes it 2 from 2 as the new season goes off with a bang

Photo by Jessica Joldescu

Mark Shepherd makes it 2 wins from the first 2 features of the 2018/19 Supermod Country Round as Cam McEllister & Grant Campbell finish 2nd & 3rd respectively.

The Supermods brought the pace early to a slippery track after a mid afternoon thunderstorm and down pour threatened to ruin Opening Night before it had even begun. Thankfully, the showers passed and on a humid night, we saw some top class racing between a competitive field of Supermods.

Heat 1 belonged to Mark Shepherd, racing terrific lines the whole whole way around the smaller banks and shorter straights of Esperance. Second place of Heat 1 went to Campbell who would eventually end up on the podium at the end of the night as W69, Cam McEllister finished in 3rd.

It was much the same in Heat 2 as previous Esperance Country Round winner, Grant Campbell finished in first place in the black W2 car with McEllister and Shepherd crossing the finish line behind him in second and third.

Shepherd would round out the final Heats with a win in Heat 3 ahead of Cam McEllister and Ed McEllister in W27. The Esperance Speedway was thrilled to see the return of Garry Walker. The former WA number one and local returned in fine fashion in the blue and yellow No. 55 for the first time since the State Title earlier this year.

The McD Contracting Esperance Speedway Association would like to thank each and every one of the Supermod drivers for making it down in what has been a challenging period for the Supermod division due to the new rules and regulations. Your support for your division is outstanding and we hope to see the division grow stronger from here.

Several new Esperance Speedway names made an impact early behind the wheel in all of their respective divisions. A competitive, strong field in all divisions meant a high quality display of racing across the field.

New Vice President, Linton Dickerson took no time at all settling into the Street Stock division, finishing on top points for the night ahead of Hamish Macalpine and Zane Humphrys. It was a chaotic period for Dickerson to get his car ready for opening night after hitting the concrete in practice just days earlier. Dylan Williams finished in 5th in the XF Falcon while street stock debutant, Wade Rigney showed a great temperament behind the wheel in Car #14 for 6th.

Last year's Burnout champion Zak Swann keeps taking his Burnout game to a new level, sending the #88 car into a winning spin. However, there wasn't much of a gap by the end of the night in total points with Swann narrowly holding out his competitors in second placers, Shannon Anthony/Jake Cracknell & Sheehan Varney in third.

The Brown brothers returned to the Junior division in commanding style with all of Cameron, Kaden & Logan finishing on the podium in 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively. Newcomers, Hayley Dickerson in the Junior Development Car and Christopher Dickerson made Esperance Speedway history on Saturday night as they became just the second pair of siblings to be third generation racers at the Esperance Speedway Association and they both showed great promise with Hayley narrowly missing out on a podium finish in 4th. Chris finished in 5th while young Cameron Aldrick finished the night in 6th.

The Productions put on a powerful display with one of the strongest fields of driver quality and experience. Tim Green in Car #3 and former Supermod driver, Josh Macalpine in car #00 made things look easy on the greasy track finishing 1st and 2nd while it was Robbie Bawdon who ended the night in 3rd place on total points.

Supermod Country Round Round 2 - proudly sponsored by South East Petroleum

1st #41 Mark Shepherd

2nd #69 Cameron McEllister

3rd #2 Grant Campbell

4th #14 Lance Beaver

5th #27 Ed McEllister

6th #55 Gary Walker

Burnouts - proudly sponsored by Esperance Combined Tyres and Mechanical

#88 Zak Swann (209 pts)

#69 Shannon Anthony/Jake Cracknell (207 pts)

#29 Sheehan Varney (185 pts)

#80 Luke O’Shannessy (161 pts)

#8 Ryan (148 pts)

#96 Jaydon Hurst (109 pts)

Juniors - proudly sponsored by New Era Shearing

#11 Cameron Brown (136 pts)

#16 Kaden Brown (120 pts)

#21 Logan Brown (86 pts)

#99 Hayley Dickerson (70 pts)

#87 Chris Dickerson (56 pts)

#14 Cameron Aldrick (40 pts)

Street Stocks - proudly sponsored by Esperance Outdoor Power Equipment

#83 Linton Dickerson (117 pts)

#00 Hamish Macalpine (108 pts)

#39 Zane Humphrys (101 pts)

#4 Dylan Williams (69 pts)

#14 Wade Rigney (60 pts)


#3 Tim Green (128 pts)

#00 Josh Macalpine (123 pts)

#25 Robbie Bawdon (78 pts)

#13 Blake Fletcher (72 pts

#9 Sean Barrett (51 pts)

#81 Tye Tyrrell (23 pts)

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