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Esperance wins as points go right down to the wire in Esp V Kal Challenge Final

The best drivers for their respective divisions across the two rounds of the Esperance V Kalgoorlie Challenge were rewarded on Saturday night. (L-R) Lachie Dellar (Juniors), Jack Barnewall (Street Stocks), Sean Barrett (Productions) and David Boyes (AMCA Nationals).

Esperance drivers have rallied together to claim it's first overall series win against the Kalgoorlie International Speedway. Kalgoorlie took out round two however it was Esperance who finished in top position for overall points across both rounds of the 2018/2019 Esperance V Kalgoorlie Challenge!

It came right down to the wire in the end as various challenging contests all night between local and visiting drivers capped off a fantastic series of racing between two proud clubs. It was one of the closest finishes in recent memory as Esperance scraped over Kalgoorlie by just 133 points.

Visiting junior, Lachie Dellar kicked things into gear from where he left off in Kalgoorlie last round with a best a field display in front of his New Era Sheering Junior counterparts. Dellar finished as the overall points leader across the two rounds of the Challenge too. Both Lachie and Kayne Dellar enjoyed a trip to Esperance with the brothers rounding out first and second on points in the Top Stars' Juniors. The home town's best, Hayden Mortimer completed a solid night in third position.

There was excellent competition and racing in the New Stars juniors as rookies Tyler Scott, Tilly Leonard and Cam Aldrick being amongst the best in first, second and third respectively of the upcoming talent. On the night there was a mistake made with Leonard accidentally being named as first on points. Scott was in fact the eventual named winner of the New Stars contest. The podium finishes for all the Juniors come in good time as they have one eye on taking out next meeting's Junior South East Open at Esperance on March 30.

In the J & N Dickerson Fabrication Productions, Sean Barrett was flawless in the feature as he cruised to victory with strong competition from Josh Macalpine. Josh Stewart continued his strong form in 2019 with a third place on points as the locals outshone the rest in a comprehensive victory for Team Esperance.

David Boyes continued his dominance on Esperance clay with a resounding win in the AMCA Nationals. Boyes picked up right where he left off from his Flyin' 40 title earlier this year. Murray Parsons Jnr was Esperance's best with a second place finish on the podium on 102 points. Recently crowned WA #1 Sean Mazzuchelli solidified a strong showing for Kalgoorlie in the AMCA division as he ended his night in third place on total points.

Street Stock superstar and WA #1, Jack Barnewall was once again too good for the rest of the field as he led for most of the night in the Esperance Outdoor Power Equipment Street Stocks. Kalgoorlie Captain, Barnewall backed up his 20/20 title from December last year with strong win and adding many valuable points for Kalgoorlie's cause. Zane Humphrys was the best for Esperance as he pushed Barnewall in various stages throughout the night. Visiting driver, Travis Moynihan was a great support act to Kalgoorlie's captain as he had his best night on Esperance soil in third place on points. Good form from these three will prove to be a good preparation ahead of next meeting's Street Stock South East Open.

The McD Contracting Esperance Speedway would like to thank all of the visiting Kalgoorlie drivers for making the trek down to be apart of a terrific event that keeps getting stronger every year. Do join us again for our last meeting of season 2018/2019 on April 13 for our 'Full-Throttle' Twilight start family night.

JUNIORS - proudly sponsored by New Era Shearing


#8 Tyler Scott (125 pts)

#10 Tilly Leonard (120 pts)

#14 Cam Aldrick (85 pts)

#24 Charlie Tate (76 pts)

#87 Chris Dickerson (62 pts)

#28 Sean Kirwan (38 pts)

#99 Hayley Dickerson (18 pts)

Ag & Trade Encouragement Award

#28 Sean Kirwan


#195 Lachie Dellar (115 pts)

#95 Kayne Dellar (110 pts)

#18 Hayden Mortimer (94 pts)

#11 Cameron Brown (86 pts)

#295 Chloe Dellar (46 pts)

#16 Kaden Brown (45 pts)

#21 Logan Brown (44 pts)

STREET STOCKS - proudly sponsored by Esperance Outdoor Power Equipment

#WA1 Jack Barnewall (136 pts)

#39 Zane Humphrys (115 pts)

#33 Travis Moynihan (77 pts)

#4 Dylan Williams (67 pts)

#14 Wade Rigney (63 pts)

#38 Bob Wakefield (48 pts)

#71 Tanya Kemp (26 pts)

PRODUCTIONS - proudly sponsored by J & N Dickerson Fabrication

#9 Sean Barrett (117 pts)

#00 Josh Macalpine (104 pts)

#19 Josh Stewart (94 pts)

#25 Rob Bawdon (74 pts)

#13 Blake Fletcher (66 pts)

#81 Tye Tyrrell (43 pts)

#39 Adrian Reeves (16 pts)

#44 Dean Shore (12 pts)


#91 David Boyes (117 pts)

#69 Murray Parsons jnr (102 pts)

#48 Sean Mazzuchelli (94 pts)

#4 Greg Horan (86 pts)

#46 Ajay Hammer (63 pts)

#57 Brett Morrison (46 pts)

Cardy Award

#46 Ajay Hammer

ROUND TWO - Esperance vs Kalgoorlie 30th March 2019

Esperance (1253 pts)

Juniors (401 pts)

Street Stocks (271 pts)

AMCA Nationals (251 pts)

Productions (330 pts)

Kalgoorlie (1279 pts)

Juniors (601 pts)

Street Stocks (225 pts)

AMCA Nationals (257 pts)

Productions (196 pts)

Challenge Champion Club

Kalgoorlie - 2255 Total Points

Esperance - 2388 Total Points

Challenge Champion Division Drivers

AMCA Nationals - #91 David Boyes (225 pts)

Street Stocks - #WA1 Jack Barnewall (237 pts)

Productions - #9 Sean Barrett (248 pts)

Juniors - #195 Lachie Dellar (251 pts)

JUNIOR NEW STARS (L-R) Cam Aldrick representative, Tilly Leonard & Tyler Scott

JUNIOR TOP STARS (L-R) Kayne Dellar, Lachie Dellar & Hayden Mortimer

STREET STOCKS (L-R) Travis Moynihan, Jack Barnewall & Zane Humphrys

PRODUCTIONS (L-R) Josh Stewart, Sean Barrett & Josh Macalpine

AMCA'S (L-R) Ajay Hammer, Sean Mazzuchelli, David Boyes & Murray Parsons Jnr

CLUB PRESIDENTS (L) Ben Sowden of Kalgoorlie with Esperance president, Bronty Humphrys (R)

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