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Full-Throttle evening farewells Esperance's 2018/19 Season

Perfect conditions at the McD Contracting Esperance Speedway for the annual Twilight Family Friendly meeting meant a successful night for all.

Fantastic numbers and plenty of kids arrived in droves at the McD Contracting Esperance Speedway on Saturday evening for the club's final meeting of Season 2018/2019. Perfect Autumn weather and fantastic racing spirit through out the Twilight event made it a night to remember for spectators. It was the New Era Shearing Juniors and the Esperance Outdoor Power Equipment Street Stock drivers who took centre stage for their respective South East Open Club Championships.

Hayden Mortimer capped off a stellar season in his Hyundai Excel Junior car with a win in the final ahead of Cameron Brown. Mortimer makes it a season to remember with impressive wins right through out and representing Australia in New Zealand recently. Cameron Brown made it another podium finish as the #11 Junior completed the night in second place while young Charlie Tate rounded out the winners circle in third. The Dickerson siblings had an unlucky night with Hayley running intro Mechanical problems and Chris, a flat tyre in the final. Tilly Leonard had a rough tangle with another car and also didn't finish the race.

The Street Stocks brought the heat in their South East Open with Linton Dickerson the best amongst the pack in the final race of the season. Zane Humphrys did enough to secure another podium finish as he completed his season in second. Neville Masted who jumped into Dylan Williams' old XF Falcon for the night showed no signs of rust, powering to a third place position. Wade Rigney was the recipient of the old flat tyre curse in the final as well. Dylan Williams was desperately unlucky as he blew his motor in his new Street Stock in the third heat. It was a bruising return for Gary Leeson in the Street Stocks too as he collided with the wall in Heat 1 after steering failure in the Barrett's racing #9.

The J & N Dickerson Productions were restricted to just two heats after early mechanical troubles in the division left a small field to compete for the rest of the night. Tye Tyrell did a motor in just the second heat, leaving Sean Barrett and Blake Fletcher the only two remaining cars standing. Sean and Blake then went out twice for a bit of fun both completing 2x 4 lap dashes each. Barrett & Fletcher did 4 laps then swapped pole position and went another 4 laps. In the end, it was Fletcher left the winner on overall points at the end of the night, finishing his first season in the Productions strongly, edging out Barrett by just 5 points.

Zak Swann continued his dominance in the Esperance Combined Tyres and Mechanical Burnouts, sending the #88 falcon into a frenzy, ending his season in yet another first place podium finish. Jaydon Hurst had another great night on the concrete with a second place as Shannon Anthony/Jake Cracknell ended 2018/19 in third on points.

The annual Demolition Derby went off with a bang, literally! A big field of 8 lean, mean wrecking machines awaited as the local crowd greeted them with some eggs and flour bombs. The derby began with a 3 lap 'Crash N Dash' and there was plenty of that early. Kael Lawrence was awarded best presented for his demo entrant, however it was Tristan Ling/Ryan Anthony who won it comfortably ahead of Gary Nazar in second and Jamie Goodwin/Matt Dowsett in third place.

What a night. What a season! The McD Contracting Esperance Speedway would like to thank everyone who was a part of such a hugely successful season for the club and we can't wait to do it all again next year! Do join us for our upcoming 'Have-a-go Day' on the 5th May from 1pm - 4pm or our end of season Presentation Night on the 11th May. You can purchase your presentation tickets from Natrad Esperance or AM Wreckers Group. More details on these two events will be coming soon so stay tuned on our website or our Facebook page.

JUNIORS SOUTH EAST OPEN - proudly sponsored by New Era Shearing

#18 Hayden Mortimer (1st)

#11 Cameron Brown (2nd)

#24 Charlie Tate (3rd)

#21 Logan Brown (4th)

#14 Cam Aldrick (5th)

#87 Chris Dickerson (DNF)

#99 Haylee Dickerson (DNF)

#10 Tilly Leonard (DNF)

Ag & Trade Encouragement Award - #14 Cam Aldrick

STREET STOCKS SOUTH EAST OPEN - proudly sponsored by Esperance Outdoor Power Equipment

#83 Linton Dickerson (1st)

#39 Zane Humphrys (2nd)

#69 Neville Mansted (3rd)

#14 Wade Rigney (DNF)

#4 Dylan Williams (DNS)

#9 Gary Leeson (DNS)

PRODUCTIONS - proudly sponsored by J & N Dickerson Fabrication

#13 Blake Fletcher (64 pts)

#9 Sean Barrett (59 pts)

#81 Tye Tyrrell (51 pts)

BURNOUTS - proudly sponsored by Esperance Combined Tyres and Mechanical

#88 Zak Swann (231 pts)

#96 Jaydon Hurst (220 pts)

#69 Shannon Anthony/Jake Cracknell (211 pts)

#80 Luke O’Shannessy (198 pts)

#666 Steven Folvig (127 pts)


Tristan Ling/Ryan Anthony (1st - also 1st on Lap 1 and Lap 2 of Crash n' Dash)

Gary Nazar (Runner Up)

Jamie Goodwin/Matt Dowsett (1st on Lap 3)

Kael Lawrence (Best Presented)

Gabe Lawrence (Hard Luck Award)

STREET STOCKS (L-R) Neville Mansted, Linton Dickerson & Zane Humphrys

PRODUCTIONS (L-R) Sean Barrett, Blake Fletcher & Tye Tyrell

BURNOUTS (L-R) Zak Swann, Jaydon Hurst, Jake Cracknell & Shannon Anthony

Photos unavailable for the Juniors & Demolition Derby. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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