A new Era for the Esperance Speedway as new club logo is revealed

July 13, 2014

A new era of the McD Contracting Esperance Speedway has begun as the club officially released a new club logo to the public and people of Esperance at a general meeting held on Sunday the 13th of July.​


The new club logo was released on Sunday the 13th of July with it forming the main branding and identity for the McD Contracting Esperance Speedway Association Inc. The logo will be shown on all promotional, signage and advertising applications directly representing the club.


With a strong focus on developing an identity that is both modern and refreshing in conjunction with the club celebrating its 40th year in the Esperance community, the opportunity for a revamp of the previous logo was encouraged by the Esperance Speedway general committee.


The main objective logo was to keep it clean, bold and simplistic. Other key objectives included:


- The design features the main colours of the Esperance Ocean in a 'wave' form, symbolising the stunning coastline and surf of the Esperance Bay, a major attraction for tourists and visiting drivers.


- This in conjunction with the other half of the design which displays a clay oval, forming the venue of the Esperance speedway itself 'where the surf meets the clay'. Ultimately, the colours represent the ocean and the clay of the race track.


- A different and unique look to other speedway club’s logos from around Western Australia.


- The design is a close and compact symbol showing strength through loyalty, a dedication to fellow Esperance Speedway workers and volunteers who make the Speedway happen week in and week out.


- Bold and striking, an important aspect to any logo design itself. This also ties in with the colour set this logo displays.


- The light blue colours resemble well with the major naming rights sponsor "McD Contracting" and for future major sponsors.


- A youthful look, attracting a greater market of younger people and encouraging future generations from the growing super town of Esperance to make the Esperance Speedway a must do event on any weekend.


- Works well in colour as well as black and white for more formal presentations or documents.


 The McD Contracting Esperance Speedway prides itself on its professionalism and is focused on making it the best possible experience for its drivers, spectators and sponsors. With the addition of a new club logo, the Esperance Speedway begins a new era of speedway, an exciting time ahead and a bright future of endless possibilities for the club and the town of Esperance.​​​

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