Dominant Manders claims victory in both Esperance Power Series Rounds

February 2, 2019

Photo: Reflections by Jess


Young gun and current Australian 360 Sprintcar Champion, Kaiden Manders made a trip to Esperance one to remember, winning rounds 5 & 6 of the Make Smoking History 360 Sprint Car Power Series.


The 22 year old stamped his authority on Esperance clay with a powerful display of Sprint car racing ahead of current series leader Ben Butcher. Taylor Milling and Sam Borlini also made the final podiums with some quality racing, finishing third on night one and two respectively.


NIGHT ONE - 26th Jan

Perfect racing conditions greeted all competitors and race fans alike from far and wide around Western Australia for Australia Day. The McD Contracting Esperance Speedway was geared up ready for two huge nights and the racing that was to come certainly didn't disappoint the packed Esperance crowd.


Both Butcher and Manders started their weekend well with a win in their first heats while Kalgoorlie product Taylor Milling made the most of a fast start, finishing behind Butcher in second. Last year's round winner, Daniel Keen also impressed early, finishing behind Manders in his first Heat to gain an early advantage on the night.


Heat 3 saw Sprint car veteran and Kalgoorlie champion, Ray Leonard hold off a fast finishing Butcher in second and visiting American, Harli White who ended the heat in third. 


Perth champion, Ben Ellement was a strong favourite heading into the feature as he strung together a win in the fourth and final heat over Manders and Jacob Potts. 


The final feature saw plenty of carnage with 5 cars not passing the checkered flag as Round 5 had everything to play for in a pivotal point for the Sprint car season.


The big mover was Harli White who started from P10 and finished fourth - a position she moved into by lap 10 after a bit of carnage unfolded in front of her. At the start of the show White had a seventh and a third finish.


From there however, it was the Manders Show as he led the 25-lap feature from start to finish in a clinical display. Ben Butcher tried everything in his power to pass Manders but Australia's best was just too quick and too good.


Ray Leonard was fifth and Steve Adley was sixth to be the only other finishers.


Non-finishers included Daniel Keen, Sam Borlini, Jacob Potts, Callem Sweetman and Jamie Landrigan who would be against the clock to have their cars ready for night two and Round 6 of the Sprint car Power Series.


The action didn't stop in the support divisions as local driver's provided an entertaining exhibition for the bumper crowd. 


Jacky Moroney's return to Esperance was a successful one as the #78 cruised to a big win on points in the J & N Dickerson Fabrication Productions. It was a timely win for Moroney as he looks an early favourite heading into next meeting's Production Open. Sean Barrett and Blake Fletcher enjoyed their Australia Day too, finishing second and third on the podium respectively.


The Brown brothers continued their strong run in the New Era Shearing Juniors on Night one with Kaden, Logan & Cameron all finishing in the winners circle. Cameron and Kaden both got a race win while recent State title competitor, Hayden Mortimer claimed a win in the second heat.


Shannon Anthony and Jake Cracknell enjoyed their first win of the season in the Esperance Combined Tyres and Mechanical Burnouts Division. The pair in #69 let the Commodore rip while just one point separated Luke O’Shannessy and club champion from last year, Zak Swann for second and third position.




South Coast Foodservice  & Total Asphalt 360 Sprintcars

Heat 1: 1st Ben Butcher, 2nd Taylor Milling, 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th Steve Adley, 5th Jarrin Bielby, 6th Callem Sweetman, 7th Harli White.


Heat 2: 1st Kaiden Manders, 2nd Daniel Keen, 3rd Sam Borlini, 4th Ray Leonard, 5th Robert Watson junior, 6th Jamie Landrigan, 7th Jacob Potts.


Heat 3: 1st Ray Leonard, 2nd Ben Butcher, 3rd Harli White, 4th Daniel Keen, 5th Steve Adley, 6h Jamie Landrigan. DNF: Jarrin Bielby.


Heat 4; 1st Ben Ellement, 2nd Kaiden Manders, 3rd Jacob Potts, 4th Taylor Milling, 5th Sam Borlini, 6th Callem Sweetman, DNF Robert Watson jnr.


Feature: 1st Kaiden Manders, 2nd Ben Butcher, 3rd Taylor Milling, 4th Harli White, 5th Ray Leonard, 6th Steve Adley. DNF: Daniel Keen, Sam Borlini, Jacob Potts, Callem Sweetman and Jamie Landrigan.


Juniors - proudly sponsored by New Era Shearing

#16     Kaden Brown (123 pts)

#21     Logan Brown (87 pts)

#11     Cameron Brown (74 pts)

#99     Hayley Dickerson (66 pts)

#87     Chris Dickerson (63 pts)

#18     Hayden Mortimer (61 pts)

#8       Kurtis Mayfield (48 pts)


Productions - proudly sponsored by J & N Dickerson Fabrication

#78     Jacky Moroney (118 pts)

#9       Sean Barrett (94 pts)

#13     Blake Fletcher (92 pts)

#00     Josh Macalpine (86 pts)

#19     Josh Stewart (72 pts)

#72     Steven Reeves (37 pts)

#81     Tye Tyrrell (33 pts)


Burnouts - proudly sponsored by Esperance Combined Tyres and Mechanical

#69     Shannon Anthony/Jake Cracknell (210 pts)

#80     Luke O’Shannessy (202 pts)

#88     Zak Swann (201 pts)

#8       Ryan Anthony/Chad Anderson (199 pts)

#29     Sheehan Varney (198 pts)


Kaiden Manders was in total control in front of a packed Esperance crowd  |  Photo by Jessica Joldescu



NIGHT TWO - 27th Jan

Harli White began her second night in fine fashion with her first race win in Esperance. The American finished Heat 1 ahead of Milling and Leonard. The crowd favourite would end the night with a fourth place finish backing up her previous fourth place from the previous night.


Daniel Keen pushed his case for a comeback victory to defend his previous year's win as he cruised to victory in the second heat in front of a determined Potts and Butcher.


Manders, however made things look easy in the third heat with the Australian No.1 powering away ahead of eventual weekend podium finishers, Borlini and Milling finishing second and third respectively.


In the fourth heat, Butcher fought back to claim his first win of the night and first since Heat 1 of the previous night. The series champion looked comfortable and certainly a hot favourite heading into the final feature with Keen & Steve Adley not far behind him in second and third.


The final heat summed up the weekend for Manders as he led the field once again with a comprehensive victory in the final feature, helping him boost up the points rankings in the Make Smoking History Power Series. It was a fitting end really as Australia's best starred on the Australia Day Long Weekend.


Ben Butcher solidified his Power Series Lead with two podium finishes across the two nights while Sam Borlini put the previous night behind him to regain a top 3 finish for the second time in the last 3 rounds of the Power Series.


In other divisions, Sean Barrett went one better on Night two as he finished the weekend on top points in the J & N Dickerson Fabrication Productions. Previous night winner, Moroney completed his last race before the production open in second white #81 Tye Tyrell made it to the podium in third.


Cameron Brown also improved on his second night with a win in the New Era Shearing Juniors. Hayden Mortimer rejoined the winners list finishing on second backing up his impressive showing at the recent state title. Logan Brown joined his brother in the top 3 with a third place.


Shannon Anthony and Jake Cracknell made it two wins in two nights for their #69 burnout machine in the Esperance Combined Tyres and Mechanical Burnouts Division. Zak Swann would again finish in the top 3 along with Jaydon Hurst for his first run of the weekend in third place.



South Coast Foodservice  & Total Asphalt 360 Sprintcars

Heat 1: 1st Harli White, 2nd Taylor Milling, 3rd Ray Leonard, 4th Kaiden Manders, 5th Callem Sweetman.


Heat 2: 1st Daniel Keen, 2nd Jacob Potts, 3rd Ben Butcher, 4th Sam Borlini, 5th Jamie Landrigan, 6th Steve Adley.


Heat 3: 1st Kaiden Manders, 2nd Sam Borlini, 3rd Taylor Milling, 4th Jamie Landrigan, 5th Jacob Potts, 6th Harli White.


Heat 4; 1st Ben Butcher, 2nd Daniel Keen, 3rd Steve Adley, 4th Ray Leonard, DNF Callem Sweetman.


Feature: 1st Kaiden Manders, 2nd Ben Butcher, 3rd Sam Borlini, 4th Harli White, 5th Taylor Milling, 6th Daniel Keen. 7th Jacob Potts, 8th Jamie Landrigan, 9th Steve Adley, DNF Ray Leonard.


Juniors - proudly sponsored by New Era Shearing

#11     Cameron Brown (128 pts)

#18     Hayden Mortimer (92 pts)

#21     Logan Brown (86 pts)

#16     Kaden Brown (70 pts)

#99     Hayley Dickerson (66 pts)

#87     Chris Dickerson (46 pts)

#8       Kurtis Mayfield (8 pts)


Productions - proudly sponsored by J & N Dickerson Fabrication

#9       Sean Barrett (123 pts)

#78     Jacky Moroney (110 pts)

#81     Tye Tyrrell (79 pts)

#19     Josh Stewart (75 pts)

#13     Blake Fletcher (63 pts)

#00     Josh Macalpine (44 pts)

#72     Travis Clark (38 pts)


Burnouts - proudly sponsored by Esperance Combined Tyres and Mechanical

#69     Shannon Anthony/Jake Cracknell (214 pts)

#88     Zak Swann (198 pts)

#96     Jaydon Hurst (197 pts)

#8       Ryan Anthony/Chad Anderson (191 pts)

#80     Luke O’Shannessy (184 pts)

#29     Sheehan Varney (180 pts)

#26     Gary Nazar (112 pts)

#9       Kael Lawrence (81 pts)













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